FAQ Template

What is intelligent lighting?

Intelligent lighting is a light show that moves with the beat of the music, changing shapes & patterns during key points in the music.

What is the best song to pick as my wedding song?

Your music makes the event your own. We help any bride that is getting stuck on that perfect song, ranging in our suggestions from the classic titles to talking with the bride about experiences shared with her future husband to find the perfect fit.

How can I make sure all my favorite music is going to be played at my party?

We have a special 'client access' area that has a special link for requests. You can tell us exactly what you want to hear. If you would rather leave it to us, that is fine too. Our experienced staff know all genres & styles of music so we will make sure that if you tell us "I like a certain radio station" then you will hear that music.

How many pictures should be in a picture montage?

We recommend between 15-20 pictures a minute & the montage to be between 5 & 6 minutes long. So between 45 & 120 pictures.

Do I really need a DJ & an MC for a Children's Party?

We think you do, one person to manage the kids and one person to play the music. It's pretty hard to concentrate on both especially when there are more than 10 kids at a party. Celebrity Music aims to keep the kids occupied while you enjoy the party too!

How many songs can you get to at a typical four hour party?

On average, 80 songs seems to be the magic number

Why should I care about Celebrity Music's DJ Intel?

Celebrity Music invites you to truly customize your party.You and your guests can log in and make requests, We know exactly what you and your guests really like, You're happy and we're happy because we know these are the songs you really LOVE!